Our goal is to make the highest-quality, FDA-approved treatments available to patients in a comfortable, convenient setting. Patient safety is a top priority. We adhere to guidelines published by leading cancer and hematology specialty organizations, such as ASCO®, NCCN®, ASH®, US National Cancer Institute, and American Cancer Society®. Treatments are administered in office, or in many cases, in the comfort of your own home. We have locations in West Hills, Mission Hills, and Simi Valley to serve you. Insurance prior authorizations are handled by a professional office staff as a courtesy to our patients.  Copay assistance programs from either drug manufacturers or from foundations may be available and are also facilitated by office staff.  We are partnered with a prominent group purchasing organization, which makes all FDA-approved advanced treatment for cancer available in the community office setting.  Treatments are usually available within as little as a one business day turnaround time, depending on insurance authorizations.

Infusional services and other parenteral treatments provided include, but are not limited to:

  1. Anemia treatments – Procrit™ Aranesp™
  2. Bleeding disorder and von Willebrand’s Disease treatments – ddAVP
  3. Bone marrow aspirate and biopsy
  4. Chemotherapy
  5. Enoxaparin
  6. EGFR inhibitors Erbitux™ Zaltrap™ Vectibix™
  7. Firmagon™
  8. Fluid hydration therapy
  9. Fondaparinux
  10. Hemophilia treatments – Alphanate™ Humate-P™ Helixate™ and others
  11. HER-2 breast cancer therapy Margenza™ Herceptin™ Perjeta™ Enhertu™ Kadcyla™ TDM2
  12. IV Iron – Venofer™ Ferrlecit™ Injectafer™
  13. IVIg – IV immune globulin – IV Gamma globulin – Gammagard™ Octagam™ Carimune™
  14. Immunotherapy
  15. Infusion Therapy
  16. Interferon-alfa
  17. Intrathecal chemotherapy
  18. Immunotherapy such as Keytruda™ Tecentriq™ Imfinzi™ Opdivo™
  19. Iron chelation Desferal™
  20. Lupron™ and Zoladex™
  21. Monoclonal antibodies – Rituxan™ Arzerra™ Herceptin™ Perjeta™ Kadcyla™ Cyramza™ Erbitux™ Avastin™ Opdivo™ Yervoy™ Vectibix™ Adcetris™ Tecentriq™ Lartruvo™ Libtayo™
  22. New myeloma treatments: Empliciti™ Farydak™ Vorinostat™ Kyprolis™ Pomalyst™ Darzalex™ Darzalex Faspro™ Velcade™
  23. Ocrevus™ ocrelizumab
  24. Opdivo™
  25. Osteoporosis treatments – Boniva™ Reclast™ Prolia™
  26. Portacath maintenance
  27. Remicade™
  28. Sandostatin™ Octreotide
  29. Subcutaneous injections
  30. Targeted therapy
  31. Tecentriq™ atezolizumab
  32. Therapeutic phlebotomy
  33. Treatments for low white blood cell count (WBC), leukopenia, neutropenia, and low absolute neutrophil count (ANC) Neupogen™, Granix™, Neulasta™ Fulphila™ Udenyca™
  34. Tysabri™
  35. Vidaza™
  36. Xgeva™ Prolia ™
  37. Yervoy™
  38. Zometa ™

We are also a full service dispensing doctor’s office. As a convenience to our own patients, we are frequently able to provide oral and home-use medication through insurance. This improves community access to the following advanced specialty hematology and oncology medications, targeted therapies, supportive care, and oral chemotherapy, including:

  1. Afinitor™
  2. Arimidex™
  3. Cabometyx™
  4. Emend™
  5. Exemestane™
  6. Gavreto™
  7. Gelclair™
  8. Gleevec™ imatinib
  9. Ibrance™
  10. Imbruvica™
  11. Kytril™
  12. Lenvima™
  13. Letrozole™
  14. Lynparza™
  15. Megestrol
  16. Mekinist™
  17. Nerlynx™
  18. Neulasta™
  19. Nexavar™
  20. Ninlaro™
  21. Procrit™
  22. Promacta™
  23. Retevmo™
  24. Sancuso™
  25. Sancuso™
  26. Sprycel™
  27. Stivarga™
  28. Sutent™
  29. Tafinlar™
  30. Tagrisso™
  31. Tarceva™
  32. Tasigna™
  33. Temodar™ temozolomide
  34. Varubi™
  35. Venclexta™
  36. Vitrakvi™
  37. Votrient™
  38. Xalkori™
  39. Xarelto™
  40. Xeloda™ capecitabine
  41. Xtandi™
  42. Xpovio™
  43. Zejula™
  44. Zelboraf™
  45. Zofran™
  46. Zydelig™
  47. Zytiga™

Hospital outpatient treatments can also be arranged, including blood transfusions, port placements, biopsies, and other procedures. Scans, including PET/CT, MRI, plain x-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds, and bone density scans can be scheduled by our office staff at convenient times and locations.  Our goal is maximal patient comfort, dignity, and customer service.

Please note that all registered trademarked medication names above are denoted by ™ and are the property of their respective trademark owners.

Our practice adheres to treatment guidelines promoted and approved by organizations such as FDA, ASCO, ASH, NCCN, and other peer-reviewed and scientific organizations promoting the health of hematology and oncology patients in the US.